Stop recycling the same planters year after year, and try something new!

Petunias, geraniums and impatiens: these three flowers continue to be the foundation for planters year after year.  Although stunning, using the same plants can be tiring.  This month we encourage you to try something new, whether it’s replacing an entire planter or simply adding one plant to experiment.

Remember, there is an entire world of botanicals to explore, the only requirement sunlight and a love for beautiful blooms!

Here are some quick tips to help guide you.

Do you love wave petunias? Make a statement with million bells.

Luscious million bills (calibrachoa) are an ideal container plant, beautifully trailing hundreds of bell- shaped flowers.  Say goodbye to spindly vines and deadheading; these annuals will wonderfully round out your container gardens. Ideal for full sun, these low growing flowers, can span up to 20 inches creating a colorful cascade in all planters.

Are you lavish with lobelia? Branch out and try trailing verbena.

If you are looking for a trailer that has a long blooming time, then verbena is the perfect plant for you! These cascading plants are perfectly suited for full sun adding bursts of blooms from mid May to the tail end of summer. Verbenas are also available as an upright plant, so if you find yourself falling in love with this plant, you can create an entire container using the variety of verbenas available in the market.

Do you find yourself gravitating towards geraniums? Explore the world of dianthus.

Bright, bursts of fuchsia and cherry flowers, makes stunning dianthus the perfect container plant.  Sun lovers, these plants can grow up to 16 inches tall and 12 inches wide.  Plant them on their own, or create a multi dimensional look by adding the lime green licorice plant.

Struggling to find a plant that is shade worthy? Say so long to impatiens, and try browallia.

The blue/violet tones of browallia creates stunning containers for your shade areas.  Growing up to 13 inches, these star shaped flowers thrive in shadier nooks and crannies of the garden.  Complement these blooms with the bright foliage of coleus to create a shade container that is uniquely yours.

This year, we encourage you to plant “outside the box”.  The wonderful thing is about annuals, is no matter what you choose, it will look stunning. Try a variety of flowers, mix and match colors and have fun exploring the possibilities in a container garden.  This spring take a wander through your local nursery, absorb scents, colours and patterns of the beautiful annuals that have hit the market place today.


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