Quick Garden HALO


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No digging, No weeds, less watering and less time! The Quick Garden System brings Urban gardening to Life.



No digging, No weeds, less watering and less time!  This inexpensive, hassle-free gardening system allows even the most experienced gardeners the extra time to sit back and enjoy! While its quick installation and maintenance-free design allows individuals of all ages and levels to grow a garden anywhere.

Whether a patio, dock, parking lot or balcony, the Garden Halo will provide endless hours of beauty. You will be the envy of your neighbourhood! The Quick Garden Halo is constructed of a light, nonwoven polypropylene fabric that wraps around the base of a tree, bird bath, or even a  lamp post.

Additional information


32 x 5




Light and Durable landscaping fabric design for quick installation providing the perfect garden experience


32" when full of soil

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