The Quick Garden Story

My  family has always loved gardening. I spent my childhood digging, planting and watching the flowers grow. It was a yearly activity in our house. My love for gardening has continued throughout my adult years. To me, gardening is an art and our properties are a canvas.I believe that plants and flowers have the ability to transform our properties into a mini oasis. They allow us to personalize our own little space.

7 years ago my family moved into a brand new subdivision in Brampton. Right away I got to work digging, planting and building my gardens. It was back breaking work, but the results are stunning. The work didn’t stop at the initial planting. I spent countless hours a week weeding and maintaining these gardens.  It’s a wonderful feeling, to step back and see how your gardening transformed your yard from plain to beautiful. But it’s not an easy task for your average home owner!

Over the years, I have had multiple people ask “How I did it?” “and if I could build them a garden?” Others would lament,  “I would love a garden but it’s too much work!” After living here for seven years, I have seen a pattern of people’s landscape attempt or lack there of.

I have found that:

There are those who pay the big $ and have their gardens professionally built and maintained.
There are those who pay to have a garden built, but within months, are overwhelmed by weeds because they never had the time to maintain them properly.
And there are those who do nothing at all because they have no time.
I believe that everyone should be able to enjoy the feeling of self-accomplishment, and the beauty and relaxation that comes with gardening. I discussed, with my brother Ken, the idea of inventing a product. We wanted something that would bring back the love of gardening, without the problematic weeds!  The end result: Quick Garden Systems and the launch product, The Garden Halo.

Place >> Fill  >> Plant >> Enjoy

The inexpensive and fast way that gives everyone the means to enjoy a maintenance free garden.


Jim Gilchrist, Owner and QuickGarden Inventor

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