As February dredges along, we often just want to leap right into Spring. What better way to do this, then with seeds? When it comes to sowing seeds, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Today’s garden centre can carry hundreds of varieties of seeds, so where should the beginning gardener start?

The key is to start simple with easy to grow annuals, herbs and vegetables.

Top Five Seeds for Beginners:


Whether it’s scarlet runners, pole beans or bush beans, legumes are perhaps one the easiest plants to start off with. In fact, they are so simple to propagate that primary school classrooms will often use them as a science activity. However; beans will quickly outgrow their pot, so think of places where you can replant them. And don’t start them too early!!!

Leaf lettuce

Fast growing lettuce, gives growers the immediate satisfaction of being able to eat what they grow. Place a well-drained pot in full sunlight, and enjoy watching a beautiful bounty of green on your kitchen counter. Once the warm weather arrives, transplant your lettuce outdoors or continue to enjoy them year round inside.


Great to cook with, basil will be ready to eat in just five weeks. This fragrant herb is perfect for a sunny window, and can be grown indoors year round. Have fun with this plant by trying out different varieties including bright purple leaf and Thai basil.

Pansy and violas

Bright colourful pansies and violas are easy to start indoors. These cold hardy plants are the perfect for the grower who is eager to get planting outdoors. The seeds can be started as early as February, so that they are ready to go outside in early spring.

Micro Greens

Want fresh greens all year round? Than try out some of the new varieties of micro greens. Packed with nutrients, micro greens can be sown in less than two weeks. With over 40 varieties to choose from including arugula, spinach and lettuce, these baby leaves are the perfect addition to a salad, sandwich or simply enjoy them on their own.

Although it may look like seed sowing is for the advanced gardener, almost anyone can start seeds. All you need is some sunlight, soil, a well-drained container and some loving care.






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