I love stumbling upon the unexpected. When I wandered into the St. Jacob market, I wasn’t looking for a planting container. But when I came across this bread pan, I couldn’t resist. The raw feature is stunning. However; its segmented parts are what makes it an extremely versatile container garden.


Here’s why:

1) Each section is a garden in itself.

This is a great format to plant plants with a variety of soil and watering needs.

2) Drainage can be easily added with stones or by adding a hole to the bottom of each pan.

3) It is lightweight and versatile.

The only challenge now, was what to plant? And so I looked outside for inspiration, and saw a pile of white snow. I wanted the tropics and a few bursts of colour.

And so I decided, why not capture this feeling in an indoor garden?



1) Add drainage. I added a hole to the bottom of each pan, but small stones would also work in a pinch.2)Pick your location

2)Pick your location

As I was craving sunlight, I chose my sunny kitchen, the perfect place to house exotic plants.

3) Choose your plants!

This is the fun part, as this container has tons of options to mix and match. I chose african violets, succulents and cactuses.

4) Fill each section with the right type of potting soil.

Cactuses and succulents require a mix with superior drainage and that will dry out quickly. And so I used cactus soil for 4 of the pans and regular potting soil for the pan that would be home to the african violets

5) Plant

6) Enjoy

The end result: a beautiful indoor garden highlighting bright African violets and exotic succulents.


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