As the May long weekend approaches, it’s finally time to start planting your vegetable garden.

Traditionally, dedicating an entire garden to vegetables has been a daily commitment. There is the digging of the garden, tilling soil, weeding, watering, fertilizing and of course, harvesting. Despite the best efforts, half the time these gardens may end up growing more dandelion then leaf lettuce!
There is an easier way: Simplify your vegetable garden by creating a mini Quick Garden Veggie HALO.
Here’s How:
Step 1: The number one priority for growing vegetables gardens is LIGHT : these plants require a full sun location. Pick a sunny location for your HALO (4 to 6 hours of full sun is recommended). Make use of the awkward spaces, put your veggie HALO around your telephone pole, on a rock or around a tree stump.
Step 2: Fill your Garden HALO with high quality potting soil. Potting soil is light weight, nutrient rich and has water retaining perlite and vermiculate making it a necessity for any container garden. Place it in your chosen spot.
Step 3: Cut the holes in the Garden HALO for the veggies. Remember to leave space for your veggies to grow!
Step 4: Plant your vegetables. Not sure what to plant? Check out our Facebook page this week for some Veggie HALO recipe ideas!
Step 5: Water well and watch it grow!
There’s nothing more satisfying than eating vegetables grown in your garden! Garden HALO takes away the maintenance of weeding, leaving a garden that you grow and enjoy!

Recipe 1:

Italian Garden
Cherry tomatoes
Red Peppers

Recipe 2:

Fiesta Time:
Tiny Tim Tomatoes

Recipe 3:

Fresh out of the Garden
Baby Carrots
Leaf Lettuce
Cherry Tomatoes

Recipe 4:

It’s all Green
Green Bell Peppers
Leaf Lettuce

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