There is nothing pretty about a slab of concrete, it’s bland and lacks the personal touch of a traditional garden.  However, hardscaping has become the face of the future, with people shifting away from traditional lawns and gardens opting for greater ease and convenience.

Venturing into hardscaping does not mean that gardening has to be a thing of the past. Flowers can still be a wonderful way to add your own creative flair and brighten a flat or concrete outdoor space. Recently container gardening has exploded with people planting everything from traditional pots to an old wheelbarrow.

But there are challenges with traditional container gardening. Mainly weeds, frequent watering and not fitting fluidly into the space.

This was the stimulus to create the Quick Garden Systems. We wanted a gardening system that offered the mobility of pots, without, well, the pot! Our initial solution was the Quick Garden HALO – The perfect tool to get your concrete blooming and create atheistic delight in awkward spaces.

One of the unique features of this product is its ring shape, perfect for wrapping around trees, telephone poles or unsightly posts. Essentially, the ring fills in that gap with a flood of flowers.  The fact that your blooms are encased in landscape fabric means that weeds will be at a minimum, allowing you to enjoy the flowers without the maintenance of traditional containers.

Cascade Your Blooms Over Rocks

Create a tiered garden, by placing the garden halo on a large rock, tree stump or ladder. After some time, the flowers will gently spill over the surface beautifully converting the hard surface to a cascade of flowers. Add an additional level of blooms, by placing a second Halo on the ground.

Got an eyesore? Wrap it!

Deck posts, trees and flagpoles don’t have to be gardening eyesores. Turn this empty space from bland to charming with the addition of Quick Garden HALO. Its flexible container will beautifully wrap around these areas, turning them from eyesores into eye catching.

Balance the convenience of hardscaping with the addition of easy to manage, creative container gardening. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, with Quick Garden HALO and innovative containers you can convert any space into a gardening oasis.

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