Gearing Up for Spring – but not too soon

The sign of snow melting often has us itching for Spring gardens. Despite those sunny cloudless days -, resist the impulse to plant! Frost and even snow, is still a strong possibility throughout April and May.

This doesn’t mean that you have to stay trapped indoors. In fact, now is the perfect time to gauge your yard and get it prepared for the warmer weather ahead.

What to Do Now

Take a Tour

Get outside and do a walk around your yard. Check which trees and shrubs have experienced some damage, and keep an eye on them to determine if they need to be replaced.

Make a Map

Wanting to add new plants to your garden? Why not begin the process by making a map of your garden? While creating the map, make note of the type of lighting condition and space in the area. This will be a great tool to use when making your selections for plants and trees in the spring. Keep pop up gardens, like Garden Halo in mind for places where you an instant burst of colour.

Top it up

Want to get digging in your garden? Instead of planting new product, why not use the time to top off your soil bed. Adding triple mix, manure, compost or peat each spring will give your garden that nutrient boost it’s been craving.

Time to Trim

Now is the time to remove damaged or dead branches. Don’t be afraid to prune, in fact pruning can help stimulate growth; As a rule, fruit trees prefer to be pruned in the early spring. Check resources like the Farmer’s Almanac or your local garden centre, for specific instructions on pruning.

Bursts of Blooms

If you really want to have some colour now, want not bring some flowers indoors? Spring bulbs are wonderful for brightening up the inside. However, if you’re still craving more outdoors, opt for hardier plants like pansies that are able to resist a bit of frost. Keep them in an easily transportable planter, and bring them indoors when warning of frost or snow occurs.

Take advantage of the warmer days, by getting your garden ready. Investing the time to create a beautiful base, will help foster beautiful blooms all summer long.



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