Now that the beautiful weather has arrived, it’s time to get out and garden. Gardening is an excellent stress reliever.  In fact, the action of being outside and getting your hands in the dirt is one of the best ways to relax after a busy, technology heavy day. But did you know that gardening can also be a full body work out?  In fact, just 30 minutes of day will increase your flexibility, develop joint strength and build a stronger core.

So this year, take advantage of the regular maintenance that gardens require and get your body moving.

Here a few tips that can help give you a jumpstart to your workout;

1)      Deep squat or lunge weeding :

Instead of kneeling to weed try doing a deep squat or wide lunge. This exercise will protect both your back and knees. But that’s not all, it will strengthen your legs, hips and cores.   

Tip: Practice makes perfect.

Develop your range of motion, by taking a five-minute break and simply practice going up and down in a squat or lunge.  As your flexibility increases, you will be hold this pose for longer periods of time. 

2)      Exaggerated raking:

Raking is an excellent anaerobic and aerobic activity. It helps develop your core and upper body strength.  To get the full benefit, stand in a hip width positon both feet firmly planted in the ground.  Use a wide raking motion for ten minutes on each side.   

Tip: Increase momentum by adding your favorite tunes as you rake away.  

3)      Water can watering: 

If you want a great workout, leave the hose behind and bring out the old school watering can.  Yes, it will take longer.  But filling and carrying the watering can to your plants is an incredible workout.  The weight of a full watering can be as heavy as 15 lbs.  To maximize the benefit, add in some walking lunges as you carry the watering can from plant to plant. 

Tip: Keep your back upright and use those core muscles.

Celebrate National Gardening Exercise Day every day, by taking these regular tasks and making them into a mini workout routine.



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