Life at the cottage: a time to get away from your hectic weekday life and have a mini vacation. Picture yourself lying on your hammock, simply admiring the beauty of your self-sustaining garden oasis and not worrying about the watering can.  Is this possible? Absolutely, by combining drought tolerate plants with bursts of annuals encased in the Garden Halo™.

Create a Drought Tolerant Garden

A drought tolerant garden will allow you, once established, to decrease the amount of watering, herbicides and fertilizers used.  This will give you the time to enjoy your cottage lifestyle instead of toiling unnecessarily in the garden.

Plants that are natural to your area are ideal for drought tolerance.  Find out which plant Zone you are in, and choose those native plants.  For areas that tend to have harsh winters, seek out plants that thrive in Zone 4 or lower.  Look for plants with small leaves with a hard coating and woody stems.   Those plants that are typically described as invasive or weedy; such as vinca and lily of the valley are ideal for this type of garden.   A few examples of Zone 4 drought tolerant plants are cotoneaster, spirea, yucca, sedum, pine, lavender, mint, dill, iris, and barberry.  See our Gallery for examples!

Important Steps

There are some key elements to creating a drought tolerant garden.  The initial step is preparing the area.  Make sure your soil is enriched with nutrients so that your plants are able to expand their root system.  Add in compost, manure and products such as peat moss and vermiculite that will add nutrients and help to retain water.

When creating a drought tolerant garden limit the amount of annuals, vegetables and exotic (tropical plants) as these products will require frequent weeding, and cannot develop the long root system necessary to adapt to drought tolerance.

Add Bursts of Colour with Quick Garden™

To add your stamp of personality on your garden, pick key places like around a tree or on a stump to add in the Quick Garden Halo™. These landscape fabric constructed containers are perfect for the cottage, beautifully covering the containers with blooms. As an added bonus, the fabric virtually eliminates weeds, making cottage gardening a breeze.  Garden Halo™ can even be used for a vegetable or herb garden, giving you the comforts of locally grown food without the toil of containers and/or gardening.

For the perfect getaway, balance your garden with drought tolerant, native plants and bursts of colors encased in Quick Garden Solutions products.  Cottage gardening can be both beautiful and easy! For more garden recipe ideas visit our recipe page.

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